Brad & Jenell ~ Lake Geneva Wedding Photographer ~ Delevan/Whitewater Wedding


Jenell & Brad’s wedding was the first Wisconsin wedding I booked without connections.  It was the wedding that really made me feel like I was making it here.  Since moving from Indiana, and not knowing many people in the Lake Geneva area, I was honestly worried that no one would book me…I mean, where do you start with a clean slate, a newbie, where no one had ever heard of you?  Up until that point, I hadn’t even done a bridal show.

Jenell called me. I was trying not to act too excited.  How did she hear of me…did she google me (I wasn’t even showing up on google at the time), did she see my Facebook page?  No, it was word of mouth!  Thank God for word of mouth, I thought!  We immediately set up a time to meet.  As soon as I walked in her house, I knew it was destined …we had the exact same area rug for crying out loud!  She fit my style to a T, and I fit hers.

Flash forward, after 2 engagement sessions in different seasons, and getting to know them, her wedding day was finally here!  It couldn’t of been a more beautiful day.  After 7 years together, among their many friends, family, and daughter, they were married.  I was lucky enough to capture it…Enjoy…

Church ~ Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Delevan

Reception ~ Randy’s Restaurant & Fun Hunters Brewery

Floral ~  Treasure Hut

Hair ~ Alli Mc-. B’s Hair Salon

Makeup ~ Oasis Salon ~ Kaela Scott

Dress ~ Davids Bridal



The first look…gets me every time:

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