Talor & Adam – Chicago Engagement – Lake Geneva Wedding Photographer

Years ago I started following this beauty on Pinterest…I mean, I’ve known her for years, so it wasn’t accidental.  A few years ago she started posting to a board that was titled “Someday, ” full of wedding inspiration.  I immediately messaged her and pretty much said that it’d be a dream to shoot her wedding.  She wasn’t even dating anyone at the time, but I knew there could be a chance “someday.”

Fast forward to maybe 3 years later, when she got engaged to this stud of a guy, I messaged her.  Things took off from there and I couldn’t be happier to reconnect with Talor, and get to know Adam…let’s just say they are absolutely hilarious together (not pictured – Adam falling. On purpose. Multiple times.).

My point is, don’t let an opportunity go by.  Things just don’t happen (well, sometimes you get lucky).  Work hard.  Take chances.  Don’t be afraid if someone says no.  Talor could’ve totally said she was going in a different direction, but how would I have known if I didn’t pursue the opportunity?  And look what happened…I get to shoot their wedding next spring!!   So thrilled & so thankful!

Here’s a peek of their Chicago engagement.  North Avenue Beach never looked better…


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